Windows and its trash

Windows can be a real dirty system regarding wasted disk space as you might have noticed. A current case showed amazing numbers. The common TEMP-Directories, found at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\TEMP and some stuff in the users home directories can hold quite a large number of unneeded files – in our case here it was about 20 GB trash occupying the […]

My favorite ISP again…

Every now and then it happens to me, that I have to have a look at the computer problems of my relatives, just like the current weekend. Topic of the session: “Internet access”, the classical error report: “nothing works” – roughly translated this could be taken as a “Search for it, I’m too lazy to demonstrate” thing, not […]

Windows 7 Beta

I guess I was part of the crowd who took the Microsoft server down by downloading the new beta version of Windows 7. Surely I am not the biggest Windows fan on earth – and never will be as I cannot use an operating system that eats my resources for graphical bling instead of providing them to the […]

But apple can do

I recently got the chance to check out an apple server box and work with it for a little while, as the admin there was absent and some stuff had to be done – especially the updates which I had to do. Fine thing for sure, so I fired up the Apple updater that pulled in the updates […]

Microsoft Key-Changer

No, this is not a mistake: Microsoft offers a small tool for changing the product key of windows xp or vista. Ok, they call it ‘updating the product key’, but that’s just a different word for it. In general, I like the idea. The impact: More and more computers come preinstalled, having a recovery cd which is more […]

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