Saving power

Saving power gets more and more important in our times, not just because of saving the environment, also the marketing people found a way to sell it. But if we are talking about power saving, we are also talking about power management. A topic that should be done right or left alone.

64 Bit?

My (new) Laptop got a 64 bit CPU doing the number crunching in it – and of course enough RAM to do it all. So it isn’t a miracle, that the OS they delivered with it, was Windows Vista 64. So I looked over the whole installation and saw something scary: most applications are running using the 32 […]

Alternatives to Nagios

Knowledge about the things happening on hosts and network is essential to a system administrator. That’s why they usually install a bunch of software tools to get the required informations from their systems. Nagios is one of the most infamous programs to do so. It monitors your machines and sends out alerts to the appropriate administrator. The disadvantages […]


Today I have really started thinking about apple computers again due to the latest incident. This time we’re talking about windows shares in a cooperated network, called smb or samba shares in combination with an active directory. The task itself shouldn’t be that hard as it was just accessing a windows share on a remote server – but […]

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