Internet Explorer and Network shares

Last post I have ranted about apple doing crap, but to be honest, it isn’t really better on windows – it’s just different problems like being unable to execute a binary file from a network drive. As the error message stated ‘Permission denied’, I started with checking the permissions of the network share and files.

For keeping it simple, I usually use ‘Full access’ for network shares for everybody, restricting anything on the file system layer which usually does the trick. My permission set is regarding the file might be restrictive, but it is fine. Copying the file to a local drive proofs, that the file isn’t damaged.

As I run out for ideas I was doing something else until an idea suddenly became manifested. The Internet Explorer, a core system component of windows is even used for browsing files. Its restrictions might be the cause for my troubles. Proofing this shouldn’t be hard at all.

After updating to the newest version (which should be IE8 at point of writing) I just did a ‘factory reset’ of all the permissions resetting them to their defaults, which suddenly granted me the permission to execute files from the LAN.


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  • Bin ganz deiner Meinung – aber sind wir mal ehrlich: Safari verhält sich auf OSX genauso. Oder wenn man lieber ein Beispiel aus der *nix Welt hätte kann ich Konqueror auf KDE anbieten…

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