Univention UCS would be a sweet “Domain-Controller in a box” solution if there weren’t that many pitfalls like setting the NTP server correctly. That stuff is done via “ucr”, some univention tool on commandline or hidden in their registry. ucr set timeserver=”pool.ntp.org” It’s just as simple as that to stop the ActiveDirectory from acting up…

Scanning Cash

While doing a routine install of a scanner I discovered something interesting – an error message while processing a test image: The scanner software recognizes money and refuses to process it, to make it harder for the kids to produce counterfeits. Does anyone out there know since when this functionality is being implemented?

Goodbye Windows 8

I’m fed up with Windows 8 on my Lenovo W530 and the troubles I am facing. To name a few: No support for the color calibration sensor by pantone, VMware vSphere only works with a few hacks (and doesn’t show consoles),… I have to admit, Microsoft did a few new good things with Windows 8, but all in […]

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