Cave Gladium 2008

It’s time to move out again! Furth im Wald was calling for their medieval festival which took place this weekend – and I have to say, it was amazing! 140 groups showed up for reenactment. In other words – they had to expand the area another time. Here’s a short review of the highlights every day:


Talking about security, you should never drop any good habits or lower anything due to laziness – nature will strike back. Promised. Imagine sword fighting with children using padded swords could be considered to be harmless, don’t it?

How to mass murder

In history it was a common way to capture people for either getting them compliant to your ideas or killing them. Let’s sum up the ways and means for depopulating lands: Some kind of (imaginary) delict Fear Torture The job itself is done by some mad man, instigating the people. An impressive demonstration that this works was done […]

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