ccache == more Speed?

Many people, especially around gentoo linux, do think that ccache is a must-have, reducing compile time pretty much. But is that really true? How much does it really help?

Let’s nail it down with some facts:
ccache parses the compiler call to make sure it’s a single compile as it doesn’t work with linking or multi-source builds (for you nerds out there, I intentionally left out -fwhole-program). As soon as ccache is sure it’s compiling one file, the compiler gets kicked off for preprocessing and the result is saved to a temp. place. This result is being hashed with md4 and then being compared to what we have on disk. If the md4 sum is found, the compiled result is delivered back. Otherwise the compiler gets some work to do.

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iPhone6 Back

A short Hands-on: iPhone 6

Everybody around me was going crazy for the new iPhone 6. So I got the chance to get a closer look at one of those devices. Honestly, I am really appalled how cheap the device feels compared to the older 5s (the ones I used to know). The curved glass and the camera sticking out are doomed to break if it gets dropped. Looking at the price of the phone, I would have expected Apple to do better than that.

OnePlus One Front

A short Hands-on: OnePlus One

OnePlus does a phone, namend One – the new “Flagship Killer” in town, attacking with solid 32 or 64 GB of storage, 3 GB of RAM and a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 Processor. Quite some power if you ask me, but honestly – as a nerd I am not impressed that easily. You know: Hardware is getting old and slow pretty damn soon.

But the real killer and my reason to get it was Cyanogenmod. Preinstalled.

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