Everyone cheating, huh?

Today I stumbled upon an interesting post at Rei’s World offering statistics about a second life like world which claims to be better than the original world. Of course, anyone out there knows that Linden Lab adds about 25000 residents to their statistics to appear bigger, but wouldn’t you suspect a virtual world that claims to be better […]

Second Sins?

I have taken a closer look at Second Life, to get the point why it’s such a hype. To get into, I created an account to see what is happening there – so I logged in. The first problem I had to face was money – Reminds us of our first life, euh? Well. The solution sounds simple: […]

Sweeping Hades

Due to some players it is very hard to farm ectos in the underworld area of Guild Wars. I remembered the things I was taught by my mentor on ecto runs for two players and took out my old necromancer. Following the old school rules I was able to gain many ectos in short time – 26 to […]

Server gone?

Today at about 18:30 Guild Wars – Error code 13 – Guild Wars couldn’t complete some processes. So far the nice evening in front of the box… Update: As it seems, the european server crashed. After 1 hour it was possible to log in again. Game performance and ping times were poor. Fact is, that I got disconnected […]

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