Second Sins?

I have taken a closer look at Second Life, to get the point why it’s such a hype. To get into, I created an account to see what is happening there – so I logged in. The first problem I had to face was money – Reminds us of our first life, euh? Well. The solution sounds simple: […]

Sweeping Hades

Due to some players it is very hard to farm ectos in the underworld area of Guild Wars. I remembered the things I was taught by my mentor on ecto runs for two players and took out my old necromancer. Following the old school rules I was able to gain many ectos in short time – 26 to […]

Server gone?

Today at about 18:30 Guild Wars – Error code 13 – Guild Wars couldn’t complete some processes. So far the nice evening in front of the box… Update: As it seems, the european server crashed. After 1 hour it was possible to log in again. Game performance and ping times were poor. Fact is, that I got disconnected […]

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