Everyone cheating, huh?

Today I stumbled upon an interesting post at Rei’s World offering statistics about a second life like world which claims to be better than the original world.

Of course, anyone out there knows that Linden Lab adds about 25000 residents to their statistics to appear bigger, but wouldn’t you suspect a virtual world that claims to be better to be honest? Sorry to disappoint you. Here are the numbers from Rei translated into English for your convenience:

Stats pretend that there are 898 Regionens in Inworldz, but only 836 were reachable. This means that 62 Regionen were recorded, but unreachable. That’s about 7% of the whole land mass.

Speaking about ownership, 154 of those regions are posessed by Inworldz, which is about 17%. Breaking it down to parcels, it’s even more crazy: 744 4048 m² (approximately 15%) are owned by (known) Inworldz staff avatars. I don’t know how you feel about those numbers, but that’s quite some for own usage.

Checking the regions, 148 had less than 100 Prims, which is about 1/6th of the whole land mass. 110 of those were empty, not containing a single prim. Going further with that analysis, 104 (94 empty!) owned by Inworldz. You may think that this is a perfect region for vehicle usage, but that’s not implemented yet (note by me: vehicles cannot cross region borders) – so it’s just dead landmass.

In short, there are not more than 750 regions active, which isn’t reflected in the statistics at all, as it would make the Inworldz world appear smaller than presented.

Somehow this reminds me of a quote by Benjamin Disraeli, who said once: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”, as faked statistics crumble as soon as you have a closer look.


4 thoughts on “Everyone cheating, huh?”

  • I guess “Yo Mama so fat her BMI is measured in acres.” would be a proper reply in that case. But feel free to give facts against those statistics and we’ll be glad to discuss them here.

  • @Wizard Gynoid: As Stargazer said – feel free to discuss things with real arguments and count me in, as I did those statistics.

  • Wer braucht schon virtuelle Welten? Nur all jene, die sich in der reellen nicht zurech finden und sich deswegen verstecken wollen!!!

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