Syslog-NG rants

Today was the day of another lovely Syslog-NG update, which included upgrading the config file. In other words, browsing the docs for any important changes and migrating those. Isn’t that exactly one of our favorite tasks as it kills way too much time preventing us to do the important stuff?

In the meanwhile I migrated to rsyslog as its functionality does the trick while having less config changes to worry about.


2 thoughts on “Syslog-NG rants”

  • Care to submit the details on the syslog-ng mailing list? Was this a major upgrade or a minor one? syslog-ng doesn’t change config versions on maintenance releases, only on major releases and that usually has a good reason.

    syslog-ng should tell you all the changes to consider during startup, and you can choose to not update the config file and leave it for later. Sans the warnings at startup, it would work identically than an older release.

  • It was upgrading app-admin/syslog-ng-3.2.5 to app-admin/syslog-ng-3.3.4 and I have to admit I never had the same problem with other packages as they just extend their syntax instead of changing it…

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