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Mileage for charity

Driving in the rain 25

Driving in the rain

First of all, it is to say that it is not a very pleasant experience to drive a motorcycle in the rain – not to say...

Kismet 1


I guess it was fate that my day started with a broken car. It’s one of those days you’d love to erase from your mind if...

Road Trip 2008? 5

Road Trip 2008?

Do you remember the Road Trip 2007? From my point of view each kilometer driven it was a great success and an interesting experience on the...

Translation finished 0

Translation finished

For all non-german speakers, this is the promised translation of my road trip reports. For easier finding them, here are the links. Day 1 Day 2...

Greetings from Vienna 1

Greetings from Vienna

As my mobile phone had a little accident before my big trip I couldn’t take any pictures on the way. Do you remember G√ľnter? He took...

The duck race 3

The duck race

Today was the day where I officially came home. As you know, I was home far too early, but that’s fine. 20:00 – my time. People...