Driving in the rain

First of all, it is to say that it is not a very pleasant experience to drive a motorcycle in the rain – not to say that I would try to avoid it in general. But as you know, it isn’t always possible to do. Especially if you do not want to have the bike and the rider […]


I guess it was fate that my day started with a broken car. It’s one of those days you’d love to erase from your mind if you could. One of those days you’d just like to stay in bed until it’s over.

Road Trip 2008?

Do you remember the Road Trip 2007? From my point of view each kilometer driven it was a great success and an interesting experience on the way. I have to admit that it was not always easy cruising through the country regarding the weather, but I have seen a lot of things. Nevertheless it is a nice memory […]

The duck race

Today was the day where I officially came home. As you know, I was home far too early, but that’s fine. 20:00 – my time. People were waiting for me at the Pförtnerhaus in Feldkirch at the duck race of the Netz für Kinder where people want to see if I was able to make it.

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