I guess it was fate that my day started with a broken car. It’s one of those days you’d love to erase from your mind if you could. One of those days you’d just like to stay in bed until it’s over.

But nevertheless it turned out to be not that bad at all. Remember my Moped? The repair shop of my choice just finished the checkup. From the work point of view, this day was already wrecked as I’d never make it in time – so I decided to complete my biker clothes by inserting the protectors until the garage opens for bringing them my car and picking up the moped from the other one – and we’re rolling again.

True, the weather wasn’t perfect at all today, but I really enjoyed it even with the slight rain here. Even my bad mood started to brighten up instantly by passing queuing traffic. It is exactly the feeling I missed during the whole winter: Sitting there on the moped without a trace of stress driving along those roads in freedom.


One thought on “Kismet”

  • tjo… ich hätt’ da das passende groß-moped für dich! *lach

    ich weiß, du mußt erst den schein machen… aber noch hätt’ ich’s! aber keine angst, das ganz-groß-moped behalte ich mir selbst! *grins

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