Driving in the rain

First of all, it is to say that it is not a very pleasant experience to drive a motorcycle in the rain – not to say that I would try to avoid it in general. But as you know, it isn’t always possible to do. Especially if you do not want to have the bike and the rider […]


I guess it was fate that my day started with a broken car. It’s one of those days you’d love to erase from your mind if you could. One of those days you’d just like to stay in bed until it’s over.

Withdrawal symptoms

As Grazer was posting a comment on my statement that I wouldn’t drive my scooter again until springtime, nobody would have guessed the truth into his words. Right, I was starting the engine again after some smalltalk with my kickstarter. But I think you don’t know the feeling of driving down the road, feeling the wind in your […]


Finally. Today I went out to learn some new tricks. The guys of the scooter repair shop fahr.werk told me how to fix some things on my Neo’s. So let’s be optimistic and look forward to the Road Trip.

Moped 2.0

This is a short note about the current status of my Yamaha Neo’s, the 55cc moped which often gets mistaken as a Vespa by the media. The leather bags are currently not mounted as I already got plenty of loading space for daily use. Foot pegs are currently worked on as I am not able to use the […]

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