Day 3

Do not even think of the idea that I could give up, dear reader. I was totally tired, but I do not give up that easily. So next stage. Having breakfast and some coffee the world looks way better. Ok, it’s raining again, but it’s not icy anymore. So I’m pretending to be optimistic and start driving again.

Day 1

Just after getting up I had to be ready to roll out. So I had a hot shower and an unwanted cold one just after departure. The current mileage of my scooter is 10991 km as I started in Dornbirn, rolling next to the escort vehicle of the ÖAMTC.


Finally. Today I went out to learn some new tricks. The guys of the scooter repair shop fahr.werk told me how to fix some things on my Neo’s. So let’s be optimistic and look forward to the Road Trip.