Searching for a Co-Pilot

RedBull was raffling co pilot seats at the Air Race. What prevents us from doing the same thing for the Road Trip across the country? Let me introduce the candidates to you, so you can vote for your favorite one, who will be my company while driving.

Bluesbrother   Mr Bluesbrother. Let’s rock the road.
Bruno der Beamte   Bruno the clerk is not afraid of files.
Cookie der Koch   Cookie the cook. Don’t scorch it, baby.
Duckie Diver   Duckie Diver
Erwin der Bauarbeiter   Erwin the construction worker. If there’s no way, he builds one.
Heinz-Walter der Saunagaenger   Heinz-Walter the sauna duck likes it hot.
Joe Cool   Cool, Joe Cool
Lilly die Prinzessin   Lilly the princess
Lisa das Baby   She’s small. She’s yellow. She’s Lisa the baby.
Luxustussi   Luxustussi – style matters.
Robbi die Surferente   Robbi the surfer is always out to hit the waves.
Timo der Feuerwehrmann   Timo the firefighter. He runs into the building, as others try to escape.


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