Road Trip 2008?

Do you remember the Road Trip 2007? From my point of view each kilometer driven it was a great success and an interesting experience on the way. I have to admit that it was not always easy cruising through the country regarding the weather, but I have seen a lot of things. Nevertheless it is a nice memory […]

The duck race

Today was the day where I officially came home. As you know, I was home far too early, but that’s fine. 20:00 – my time. People were waiting for me at the Pförtnerhaus in Feldkirch at the duck race of the Netz für Kinder where people want to see if I was able to make it.

The day after

Yesterday was a hard day. So I decided to take it easy. The world may turn without letting me do great things – Just some easy things like updates, blogging and a small shopping tour where I bought a barrel of beer for the fahr.werk crew as they did a great job in sponsoring the trip.

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