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Day 1 2

Day 1

Just after getting up I had to be ready to roll out. So I had a hot shower and an unwanted cold one just after departure....

The day before the great day 2

The day before the great day

The last days before an event are dreadful. It’s not the things happening – it’s just a matter of nerves being all on edge. Maybe realizing...

Learning 0


Finally. Today I went out to learn some new tricks. The guys of the scooter repair shop fahr.werk told me how to fix some things on...

Searching for a Co-Pilot

Searching for a Co-Pilot

RedBull was raffling co pilot seats at the Air Race. What prevents us from doing the same thing for the Road Trip across the country? Let...

Road Trip update 0

Road Trip update

This is a small update on my charity trip across the country: I have published the actual route I am going to drive.