Road Trip and Blogging

As already written on the project page, I want to blog while being on my road trip to keep you up to date about the things happening. That for I would need a simple and cheap way for submitting content to my blog. My mobile phone is a nokia e61 I am planing to take with me as […]

Golf Tour

Todays weather is inviting me to start the engine to take a ride. There is a Charity Golf–Trophy of the Netz für Kinder organization going on. Think there are some questions we should answer, right now: What the heck does a non golf player do at the golf trophy?? How did the motorcycle got up there??

Length matters!

Well – The topic might sound like a spam entry, but it is not. I am talking about a trailer, attached to my scooter. As I am doing my road trip it was necessary to get me more loading space. So I got me a one wheel trailer from Blech Heinz. And that’s the way it looks:

Keep it dry!

Things can happen when you do not expect them – so rain does. The Motorshop Loitz comes to help with rainwear to support the road trip! “It is pointless if someone pays for mileage if you cannot drive…” – that way they offer rainwear and 10 liters oil which is required for my two-stroke engine.

Refill it!

The owner of the website Schellenbaum sells cartridges to refill printers. It is one of the best examples that this world is a real small place – he read about my road trip and likes the idea of it. To make it possible to get it done, he decided participate on the road trip by acting as a […]