Day 1

Just after getting up I had to be ready to roll out. So I had a hot shower and an unwanted cold one just after departure. The current mileage of my scooter is 10991 km as I started in Dornbirn, rolling next to the escort vehicle of the ÖAMTC.

And as usual at such events it was raining cats and dogs, but the slicker kept me dry. So it was the cold weather forcing me to have a break by 13:00 for having a tea and changing gloves.

After that break my next stage is the pass Arlberg. Did you know that it’s way easy transforming the blues brothers duck into a snow grouse? no?

Snow, especially if it is squeezed into the profile of your tires can be a bitch. And I know what I am talking about as I had  a small accident. But that was nothing to worry about.

To prevent such things I went to the next gas station to clean my scooter, using a steam blaster.

Cleaned again, having some grip on the road again I went on to Innsbruck where an old friend of mine gave quarter.


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