Day 8

You might have noticed, that I am faster than planed. Well – it took me some time to realize, as this is the 8th day. So I should enjoy the days driving and honor the day by driving across my favorite pass, the Furker pass.

Day 7

Smile, it could be worse. And that’s what it does – especially regarding the freeway situation near Klagenfurt. It’s a hell for 50cc engines here.

Day 6

It’s a good day to hit the road: Sun is shining and the road is dry, inviting me to drive on. Todays theoretical goal is Klagenfurt.

Day 4

It’s a real advantage if you stay at your parents house – you can dry your stuff using the tiled stove. Well rested my route starts and leads me through Saint Florian, Asten and finally Enns, where I got hungry. So what to do now? I am a man, I am hungry – Meat is the solution. No […]

Day 3

Do not even think of the idea that I could give up, dear reader. I was totally tired, but I do not give up that easily. So next stage. Having breakfast and some coffee the world looks way better. Ok, it’s raining again, but it’s not icy anymore. So I’m pretending to be optimistic and start driving again.

Day 2

Night and breakfast passed by. The first thing I had to do was driving to the Ă–AMTC base to get me some info about the flood in austria.