Day 8

You might have noticed, that I am faster than planed. Well – it took me some time to realize, as this is the 8th day. So I should enjoy the days driving and honor the day by driving across my favorite pass, the Furker pass.

But the most important question for me is if I am able to have my next breakfast at home? Is this realistic? The first day I was driving until Innsbruck in 6 hours, which is about the same distance to my home (remember: I started in Dornbirn).

By 17:00 I got home. Exhausted but happy. The mileage counter shows 12929 km. Since the first day of the trip I made 1938 km – ok, this is not an official statement by now, as the final check will be on Saturday at the ‘Pförtnerhaus’ in Feldkirch. But for now: My home is my castle.


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