Day 7

Smile, it could be worse. And that’s what it does – especially regarding the freeway situation near Klagenfurt. It’s a hell for 50cc engines here.

I would be lost without my navigation system which is busy calculating alternative routes for crossing the tauern pass.

But as the Felbertauern tunnel is a freeway, I am pretty fucked again. There’s no way around. So I have to organize a transporter getting me through that passage. The service for costs 18 EUR. Stupidly I was run out of cash and the guys in the office didn’t take cards. But the director of the company made an exception and I could buy toll tickets for that amount.

Next stop Mittersil. From there on I could drive on my own again, arriving at W├Ârgl, as I did not want to stop at Lienz yet.


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