The day after

Yesterday was a hard day. So I decided to take it easy. The world may turn without letting me do great things – Just some easy things like updates, blogging and a small shopping tour where I bought a barrel of beer for the fahr.werk crew as they did a great job in sponsoring the trip.

Day 8

You might have noticed, that I am faster than planed. Well – it took me some time to realize, as this is the 8th day. So I should enjoy the days driving and honor the day by driving across my favorite pass, the Furker pass.

Day 5

I’ll take that day as an easy one. The sun is shining and the downwind is blowing. This is the best for driving long distance with the scooter as it eases the engines’ load. So I am arriving in Neusiedl.

Day 4

It’s a real advantage if you stay at your parents house – you can dry your stuff using the tiled stove. Well rested my route starts and leads me through Saint Florian, Asten and finally Enns, where I got hungry. So what to do now? I am a man, I am hungry – Meat is the solution. No […]