Against ‘killer games’

It is everywhere in the media: the discussion about killer games – What will it lead to? Here are some buzzwords from the news: Warnings on packages, penalty… and that very soon. The scenario would be, that nearly every computer game would be g-rated. So the only game a teenager could buy would be something like ‘Bob and […]


Finally – Weekend. After that week, it is really a good thing – trust me. To have some fun I decided to play Guild Wars for the next hours. The Nightfall missions around the vortx area are really a pain as the area is hardly visited by players by now… Just the right time to blog about :)

Eine Pleite in Guild Wars

Als ich mich diesen Abend wieder in mein geliebtes Online Rollenspiel eingeklinkt hatte, wusste ich noch nicht, was mich alles erwartete. Aus Neugierde mottete ich meine sich noch im Prophecies Tutorial befindliche Mesmerin aus um die um die Charakterklasse bestehenden Gerüchte für mich zu verifizieren. Zur Vorgeschichte muss gesagt werden, dass ich in Cantha meine Kiste von einer […]