Goodbye to my guild – and now?

The guild I was a member of is currently more dead than alive. And it was always me helping others out, no matter what I was about to do. But if it was me, needing some help nobody had time or was willing to help. – So I decided to leave.

Hard times started. By now if I enter an outpost or a city, the conversations I notice have changed. Sentences like ‘Group looking for monk!!!’ or ‘W/Mo LGF!!!’ are drown out by ‘Hi! You’re not in a guild right now… We’re a guild full of nice and cool people. Come on, join us!’ – If you refuse, they do not really understand your reasons.

I am currently fed up with guilds and groups. My reasons are simple: A guild is a fixed group you belong to, with a more or less hirachical structure with its problems and its intrigues. But to preserve some fun in that game, I keep a list of people which I like to play with. As before, they call me if they need help – but they all are helping me too if I need a hand.


One thought on “Goodbye to my guild – and now?”

  • hachja die gilden, in den letzten wochen war ich bei ein paar zu gast:

    in der ersten war TS pflicht, allerdings wurde nicht ├╝bers spiel sondern alles andere geredet; was gerade am herd steht, das liebesleben, …

    in der zweiten waren nie mehr als 2 leute gleichzeitig online

    und in der dritten wurde ich ignoriert. nicht nur als npc behandelt oder so sondern richtig ignoriert *gg

    gottseidank gibts die friendslist =)

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