Second Sins?

I have taken a closer look at Second Life, to get the point why it’s such a hype. To get into, I created an account to see what is happening there – so I logged in.

The first problem I had to face was money – Reminds us of our first life, euh? Well. The solution sounds simple: work
So I checked out the job market and was shocked first as 70% of the jobs were escort services.

I have checked out the job market for a while and found a job for me. As I am not a dumb guy and able to read code, I went into scripting business – debugging. That I am working for an escort service there does not really matter for me as long as I am not into that dirty business. So the money problem was solved.

Equipped with some virtual cash I could start exploring the whole world. There are plenty of ways of spending money. Shopping is just one way of it. But you might notice a high number of shops selling body parts and erotic stuff. I went on with my exploration trip and wasted some time and form my view.

For me it looks like this second life is more or less a way of doing things you cannot do in real life, far away from moral, without revealing the players identity. Anonymity in a wrecked world. Goodbye there folks – I am out of there as I have seen enough.


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