Cave Gladium 2008

It’s time to move out again! Furth im Wald was calling for their medieval festival which took place this weekend – and I have to say, it was amazing! 140 groups showed up for reenactment. In other words – they had to expand the area another time. Here’s a short review of the highlights every day:


  • Meeting in munic with the ‘Erben der Drachen’ group
  • Journey to the festival place
  • Setting up the tents in the dark


  • Being waked by cannons
  • Discovery of the toilets for reenactors
  • Walking around recognizing that the area is huge


  • Securing the tents – it’s raining cats and dogs
  • Getting wet at the fireside
  • Shopping


  • Drying equipment
  • Bow training
  • Fight training


  • Sparring
  • Shopping
  • Take-down


  • Having a good night’s rest
  • Unloading of the car

Last but not least some words regarding the organizational work: You did a great job guys! It was ingenious!


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