I guess there are many ways to drive a sysadmin crazy – I even experienced a few by now; But the most effective one of all seems to be bad memory. Let me tell you: Nowadays most systems that I get to look at are Windows boxes which are acting weird in a not really reproducible way.

OpenVPN vs Win7

OpenVPN is a cool tool for doing quick and easy VPN connections that work. At least it is easy as long as you don’t drop administrative privileges for the common user. To get the VPN working, it is needed to set up routes to get the traffic to its destination which requires administrative permissions. But do we want […]

Live and let live

Looking at the IT world, there are many systems to work with and many arguments against them. It’s amazing, but it’s common that users flame each other. Linux guys pick on Windows users, Windows users hit apple. In the end, everybody flames everybody. Fun? But let’s face it: Every system got its advantages and disadvantages. You can just […]