The darned 7

I admit that I am not a fan of Microsoft at all – especially after struggling with Windows Vista. Honestly, I was quite close to threw out all of their software moving to Linux. But then I got a Beta of Windows 7 which was not that bad – In fact, it was better than Vista already.

Spam or Virus?

Today I had one of those typical spam malware in my mailbox, showing that Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used mail programs, being attacked all the time: Microsoft Outlook Notification for the xxxx@xxxx.xx Support [xxxx@xxxx.xx] Sent :Thu 15/10/2009 06:38 To xxxx@xxxx.xx Attachment (12kb) You have (6) New Message from Outlook Microsoft – Please re-configure […]

A question of nerves

User support, the daily fight with Users suffering from ESD (as in extreme stupidity disorder) – all that are leaving traces on the admins face. Especially if you think that you got things under control, such users kick in with their creative destruction. Let me tell you a recent example.