Online Backup – Review

As I am using Online Backup as a virtual data safe since some time now, it is time to look back and see what it did:

The amount of data I am keeping safe is something around 2 GB. Sure, this doesn’t seem to be much but it is only the important stuff I which I cannot get back if lost. For the initial backup we had to transfer that mass of 2 GB across public lines. Thank to ASDL and SDLS lines, this happened ‘over night’ and wasn’t really worth being mentioned.

If you assume that if I am doing my backups now every day, that I would have to hammer those 2 GB across the lines again and again, you are wrong as there’s a way better way of doing things: Saving the actual changes also saves plenty of bandwidth – regarding numbers, doing the delta backup cuts the volume down to 16 MB which is really, really, really small.

To ensure data correctness, we check various hashes done with the files on booth sides which also saves us some transfers. As already said, this solution really does the trick for me – especially regarding the costs.


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