Another reason to use Linux?

WGA Brandmark
There are many reasons for me to use Linux – one of them is the WGA checking which currently has the nerve to brandmark my Windows 7 as a “non genuine copy” since I’ve applied the latest updates. To improve the situation, this happens on a Saturday night.

So I tried to do the activation again with the key I bought for my Windows, but failed. No joy – neither via Internet nor via Phone. It was quite nasty to browse the Microsoft website to find the support database to open a trouble ticket, as I don’t see the reason for killing my genuine version of Windows which I did buy some month ago.

As you can see, I am really pissed as every piece of software on my computers is either freeware or legally bought and paid. Now I’m waiting for the Microsoft Support to answer my ticket…


3 thoughts on “Another reason to use Linux?”

  • Also – das Support Ticket brachte mich schließlich zur Hotline, welche mir in gebrochenem Deutsch beibringen wollte, dass mein Windows nicht echt sei und ich mich an meinen Händler wenden solle…

    Irgendwie toll, wie sich Microsoft da aus der Affaire zieht und keine Infos rausrückt WARUM der Key gesperrt ist. Bleibt mir nur noch, den Händler zu kontaktieren…

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