64 Bit?

My (new) Laptop got a 64 bit CPU doing the number crunching in it – and of course enough RAM to do it all. So it isn’t a miracle, that the OS they delivered with it, was Windows Vista 64. So I looked over the whole installation and saw something scary: most applications are running using the 32 bit emulation.

And if you are looking for new device drivers, you’re usually quite lost if the creators are just supporting 32 bit. True, this is the Windows side of my system causing headaches. Regarding Linux, the whole system is already running a 64 bit system without any bigger issues at all, which allows you to use and feel all of its power.

True, it is not 100% 64 Bit due to some binary packages, but counting the packages, it’s just 2 applications not playing nicely with 64 bit. Isn’t it already time to do it the same on windows too? If you ask me – still too many applications do not use the full cpu power which they could if they were made for 64 bit systems…


5 thoughts on “64 Bit?”

  • So you say 64 bit on windows isn’t worth it yet?

    I have tried to change my linux server to 64 bit, but I have to say, it is challenging…

  • I even reinstalled my W500 on 32 bit to get rid of the problems.

    Regarding Linux I’d suppose you’re starting from scratch as you might run into troubles if you try to merge. (compat stuff would need to emulate it all…)

  • na also echt windows vista oder 7 (6.1) und 64bit na danke dann lieber noch windows me da weiss ma was ma bekommt

  • Stackevil, ich verstehe deinen Kommentar nicht wirklich – Ist es Zynismus oder einfach nur der Drang etwas zu sagen ohne Ahnung von der Materie zu haben?

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