The SSD for daily use

My last post was about some technical facts regarding the Crest 6 Master by Angelbird where I promised to publish some results of my daily-use test with using my Lenovo W500. First of all, keep in mind that the disk isn’t running full speed as my controller only offers 223.24 MB/sec, which is about half of the disks […]

The Need for Speed

Now it’s official – I got myself a brand new SSD disk to get a little bit more speed out of my laptop. For comparing things I did a short hdparm test with my older Seagate Momentus XT as I am too lazy to look up some kind of datasheet. Keep in mind, that disk is a hybrid […]

Switchable Graphics

The topic isn’t something new – to equip a computer with two graphic cards to make it save power. The idea bases on the fact that you don’t need high end graphical performance for your daily work and so a less powerful card is implemented aside of a big one to let the system decide on your needs. […]

64 Bit?

My (new) Laptop got a 64 bit CPU doing the number crunching in it – and of course enough RAM to do it all. So it isn’t a miracle, that the OS they delivered with it, was Windows Vista 64. So I looked over the whole installation and saw something scary: most applications are running using the 32 […]

Theory and reality

This article should show you that some things might sound beautiful although they don’t work in reality. But even here we’re learning our share… Today we’re looking at my Lenovo Thinkpad W500, which should be already known to you from some of my previous posts – especially at the HardDrive Active Protection System (HDAPS). The system should prevent […]