Two years at the W500 – and now?

My W500 isn’t really an old PC, but I have to admit that I do hit some performance limits by now. So what now? A new notebook? Geez…

Looking back at the upgrades already done: The internal Harddisk drive was already exchanged: A Samsung Momentus XT, which is one of those Hybrid disks (classical disk with a SSD cache) accelerated things a little for a while but also slowed things down while eating too much battery.

Theoretically, the disk should cache the blocks accessed the most. That’s pretty fine – in theory. But as I do dual boot Windows and Linux, my cache is invalid most of the time and useless.

Upgrading to 8 GB RAM gave us some performance gain again – but in the end I do hit some limits again way too often. So the last and final try: a SSD disk; If it doesn’t kick in the way it should, I can (re)use it in a newer notebook again.


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