A hint for you windows users out there

I was fixing another windows box those days and I was forced to check the fragmentation, which was the biggest blocker on that system, disregarding the user and the fact that the system got more than one windows partition. So I came up with a little trick, using defrag.exe from shell: %windir%\system32\defrag.exe -f c: %windir%\system32\defrag.exe -f d: %windir%\system32\defrag.exe […]

Troubleshooting Firefox

If you got problems with Firefox – no matter if it’s Windows, Linux or anything else – it is always a good idea to kill its configs. How come? The problem started after updating Firefox in my Windows-VM. What now? Alright… downgrading as it used to work with the previous version. Murphys law strikes back – this did […]