But apple can do

I recently got the chance to check out an apple server box and work with it for a little while, as the admin there was absent and some stuff had to be done – especially the updates which I had to do. Fine thing for sure, so I fired up the Apple updater that pulled in the updates one after the other. But there was no everlasting joy as the Safari browser, which already caused some pain on windows as this update was the only one needing a reboot.

This leads me to the conclusion that apple integrated the browser into the whole operating system, just like Microsoft did with the Internet Explorer. But do you remember the rants and cries as the crowd was cursing at Microsoft (once again) for?

I don’t want to bash apple here or protect Microsoft – I am just searching for answers to understand it. Is it because of the small group of apple users out there or is it the Microsoft user-crowd that’s that loud?


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