/dev/null not found?

Today I came across a box with no /dev/null. Disturbingly that box even refused to boot. Here’s a quick fix in case: Boot with some liveCD and chroot or use some emergency shell and kill the defect dev file in case it’s still there and regenerate: rm -rf /dev/null mknod /dev/null c 1 3 chmod 666 /dev/null

Debian: From 6 to 7

Debian did release its Version 7 – named after the cuddly Penguin of the movie ToyStory, Wheezy. Time to update? Sure – painless as usual: Backup (did I already mention that I love vmware snapshots?) first, followed by a traditional update to have it all set before doing the real update: apt-get update apt-get upgrade

Doing a disk change

If you run out of disk space, it’s time to get yourself a newer one; Basic rule for users. In my case, I’m just the one who’s doing the technical work behind, which is less troublesome than the user. To save me some headache, I usually start by replacing the disk in the PC first and wiring up […]