I love simple workstations. Especially if they do what you expect them to – and nothing more. You can imagine that I like ThinClients, web terminals and stuff like those. Those days I stumbled over ThinStation, a small build environment to do such thin client images. I guess you can already smell the advantages here: Old hardware could […]

Syslog-NG rants

Today was the day of another lovely Syslog-NG update, which included upgrading the config file. In other words, browsing the docs for any important changes and migrating those. Isn’t that exactly one of our favorite tasks as it kills way too much time preventing us to do the important stuff? In the meanwhile I migrated to rsyslog as […]

Managing /etc/ using git

The directory /etc/ is vital for our Linux systems as it contains (most of) the configuration files of the system. In case of trouble, it’s quite common, that you’ll visit this directory after browsing through syslog. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to really track down changes to see what happened over time; and this is […]

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