Doing a disk change

If you run out of disk space, it’s time to get yourself a newer one; Basic rule for users. In my case, I’m just the one who’s doing the technical work behind, which is less troublesome than the user. To save me some headache, I usually start by replacing the disk in the PC first and wiring up […]

The SSD for daily use

My last post was about some technical facts regarding the Crest 6 Master by Angelbird where I promised to publish some results of my daily-use test with using my Lenovo W500. First of all, keep in mind that the disk isn’t running full speed as my controller only offers 223.24 MB/sec, which is about half of the disks […]


I love simple workstations. Especially if they do what you expect them to – and nothing more. You can imagine that I like ThinClients, web terminals and stuff like those. Those days I stumbled over ThinStation, a small build environment to do such thin client images. I guess you can already smell the advantages here: Old hardware could […]