Fighting the Asus ROG G752VSK

I have to admit, Asus did a sweet one here, but to be honest, it can be a pain in the rear end running linux – especially sound and touchpad. But regarding sound I was able to find at least some partial solution which is loading in a pin config as follows:

0x10ec0668 0x104313f0 0  

#Pin 12 is Internal Mic  
0x12 0x90a60150 
#Pin 14 is Internal "front" speakers  
0x14 0x90170110 
0x15 0x04011020 
0x16 0x04211010 
0x18 0x04a11060 
0x19 0x411111f0 
0x1a 0x90170130 
0x1b 0x411111f0 
0x1d 0x40c6852d 
0x1e 0x90460140 
0x1f 0x411111f0

Keep an eye on the codec section which has to be modified to match your device!


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