Linux is simple as long as you get the idea in behind. I am using it since some years for now and I need a new challenge. So I decided to have a look at the hardened projects and maybe using SELinux. But where to begin? Security starts at kernel level. So it might be a good start […]

Cleaning out on Gentoo

I think you already know the problem of fat systems. To prevent this, I did a cleaning session on my Gentoo installation here. This is not only about unmerging old and unused software. Think about your USE-Flags again. I give an example: LDAP support requires the OpenLDAP packages to be installed on the system. So if you never […]

Dhclient, that bitch

Well. You are used to more beautiful words here, but that program caused some trouble in cooperation with the Networkmanager tool. The Story so far: I am using Networkmanager to configure my network interfaces due to the work. I usually change my network at least three times a day. As WLAN and linux can be a pain, I […]