Beep!! Beep!!

Linux can be annoying with all its bells and beeps, especially if you’re working on a console. But there is no need to kill a wire or smash the speaker to silence the computer. This is a nice way of doing so, without hardware modifications. Most reasons for beeps are tab complete beeps, as you are using the […]

Taken from RedHat

The LVM Package does not offer a great GUI for managing volumes. In fact, everything is to be done on CLI. RedHat did a nice GUI for Gnome. First of all, I searched a test install for the files to do me a tarball as I have seen a strange update filed as system-config-lvm-1.0.18-1.2.FC5.noarch.rpm – that’s a clue. […]

The new firewall

Sunday, February 4th I switched firewalls. The old Shorewall box with its features now belongs to the past. pfSense is my new way to go. You might ask, why I decided to do so. It’s a lesson learned in time by now. Building everything from scratch is nice, cool and gives unique features that no other product offer […]

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