Death of my KDE profile

As sysadmin I am talking about Backups every day, as things can break very easy. But are backups always usable, up to date and compatible? I was testing some software as suddenly my KDE crashed and the profile assistant launched. My settings were lost. What now? My backup is on a pc 25 km away from here – […]

BTRFS 0.8 is out

You’ve read enough about the road trip? Good news: this posting here isn’t about. Honestly, it was fun without a pc, but kind of strange. So back here I was checking for updates and as far as I can see, Chris Mason released a new version of his btrfs. So what’s new? The most important change for me […]


Linux is simple as long as you get the idea in behind. I am using it since some years for now and I need a new challenge. So I decided to have a look at the hardened projects and maybe using SELinux. But where to begin? Security starts at kernel level. So it might be a good start […]