Tux on the rocks

It is not a secret anymore that you are able to freeze your system and save its state to disc for resuming work later. Windows calls it hibernation and linux talks about suspend to disc – but it’s about the same thing.

The big advantage of this technique is simple: loading times are cut down to a minimum as you resume the previous state.

I finally implemented it here on my laptop as I was fed up with the booting times at home. Anyways – if you want some documentation for it, peek at the TuxOnIce Homepage here.

Regarding nvidia gfx cards, I got some great news: No extra patching was needed at all. Everything worked ‘out of the box’. All I had to do was removing the nvidia module entry from the blacklisted modules file… and my system went frozen for being resumed later.


2 thoughts on “Tux on the rocks”

  • Die Idee an sich ist inetwa das, was ich im Normalfall auch praktiziere – Es hat sich nur als störend erwiesen, wenn man das mit einem Laptop macht…

  • Ich hab da ne Alternative Methode, ich lass die Kisten einfach laufen. Funktioniert mit (fast) jedem OS. (Ausgenommen gewisse Windowsvariationen die keine 20 Minuten am Stück laufen)

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