As you know, I own an Acer TravelMate 800 since quite some time. As I have used it for server stuff during the last month, it was time to start with a new install as there was too much junk on it. Considering the fact, that this notebook is a real old one, it works at impressive speed […]

Testdriving 2.6.23

Since today I am running the new gentoo-sources patchset, which is using the new 2.6.23 kernel sources. The update was more or less pain free, disregarding some sandbox violations. But those were avoided using FEATURES=”-sandbox -sfperms -usersandbox”. The best thing about the new sources is, that I do not need to patch them with the uvesafb patches as […]

Surprise, surprise

You remember the Btrfs project, the new and really fast filesystem? Rei – a fellow gentoo user tests this filesystem on her computer and discovered a nasty bug causing a kernel panic. She reported to the mailinglist. The bug was already fixed in the Mercury-Repository – so she did some Live-Ebuilds. Well done!