Horde Framework

A long time ago, it must have been last century – I have started setting up a mailserver for me. For being able to access my mail from the office or trade school I used some kind of webmail as someone pointed me to towards the Horde Framework.

The first impression was a clear ‘Wow.’ – but the installation process turned out to be a real problem. But I have seen it working and the features are more than cool. So I sticked to it since I succeeded. After some time I moved to where I am living now, where I switched server. I was sure, that I do not want to do the same jazz again.

As you already know, theory and real world are two very different things. So I installed the framework again those days and I was really impressed as Horde is able to talk SyncML, which is used by Symbian mobile phones for synchronizing calendar, notes, tasks and contacts. Does that ring a bell on you?

Using Horde it is possible to synchronize a mobile phone and some LDAP directory, in example a Microsoft Exchange Server…


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