My mailserver got some nice features to fight spam. One of them is the well known filter SpamAssassin, being the last line of defense here. In theory, a nifty setup, if you kill quite some spam and leave the rest to SpamAssassin. But trust me, if SpamAssassin doesn’t get enough spam, it literally starves due to the lack […]

Killing Spam

Let’s have a look at one of my favorite topics today: E-Mail Spamfilters. They are a quite helpful tool for keeping the inbox clean as long as you don’t fully trust their work. I know this sounds paradox, but what happens if they eat a message you wanted to keep? What if they don’t kill a spam mail […]

Let’s get active

Today is a wonderful day, the Linux Day in Dornbirn – the place to gather my CAcert points to become an active assurer for the Web of Trust. As it was possible to take the assurer test on site – god bless the inventor of wireless lan – I could start to assure people immediately and gain the […]

Is it me John Wayne, is it you?

Some spammers can really drive you mad – especially if they are doing things like that. Looking at my mailserver logs I have found some strange IP addresses like, or which are resolving to ‘localhost’ regarding to their reverse DNS. In other words, a bad configured mailserver thinks that the mail comes from itself and […]

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