Is it me John Wayne, is it you?

Some spammers can really drive you mad – especially if they are doing things like that. Looking at my mailserver logs I have found some strange IP addresses like, or which are resolving to ‘localhost’ regarding to their reverse DNS. In other words, a bad configured mailserver thinks that the mail comes from itself and offers special treatment to that messages – which usually means they bypass the spamfilter. The problem can be solved quite simple by using ‘’ instead of ‘localhost’ in your configuration files and you got green conditions again.


2 thoughts on “Is it me John Wayne, is it you?”

  • [lang_de]Reverse DNS heisst doch, dass der Provider da auch drin steckt? Zumindest der Admin des Netzes…?[/lang_de][lang_en]Messing with the reverse dns is evil. But isn’t that something the IP Range owner got to do?[/lang_en]

  • [lang_de]Normalerweise bieten Hosting-Provider Web-Interfaces an um sowas einzustellen. Es stellt sich nun die Frage wer da dran schuld ist. Die IPs scheinen aus dem Vietnam zu kommen. Das sollte Einiges erklären…[/lang_de][lang_en]Usually big hosting providers are offering web interfaces for setting up reverse dns entries. So the question is, who’s fault it really is. Nevertheless – the IPs seem to be located in Vietnam which explains quite a few things…[/lang_en]

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