Strange requests

I was analyzing some logfiles of my webserver during the last days and watched a huge number of strange hits coming from rather strange hosts: index.php?page= What the heck is going on here? What does the URL do? Well – it’s there for purpose – so let’s fetch it. (URL above is cloaked for security reasons) A good […]

Too much

It shouldn’t be anything new to you that I am collecting malware for submitting the samples to the AV labs. For processing the samples I am using a simple PC which checks every single sample if it’s a valid binary and prepares it for shipping. Since the update of my traps I was prepared to face a new […]


I don’t know your experience regarding malware, but I already got my favorites there as they’re pretty nasty due to their behaviour or the fact that they are not known by the (currently installed) scanner. It happened again those days. A friend complained about her laptop acting strange. As I am an optimist, I try to avoid thinking […]