Malware and me

I was asked to explain why I am interested in malware. Well – why not? Other people are collecting strange things too – coins, stamps,… The first worm I tried to understand was the well known Loveletter. As it is just a VB Script, it is very easy to understand. Why did I read it? Well… there were […]


This monday is a bitch – watch out, problems ahead. It starts with a server crash. The hardware died. What else do you need for having enough adrenaline for the day? Update: Everything is fixed by now and this monday seems to be disarmed.


I have stopped counting the number of times I have played that game: Removing malware on a windows box without killing the system. The first step is identifying the malware. This is normally done by a virus scanner. If there is none avaliable, you might try some online scanner. If this is not possible or the scanner fails, […]

Botnet diet

It was a wonderful Xmas – not only from a PC resellers point of view. Old computers were exchanged and brand new preinfected preinstalled PCs were installed. As Windows XP now comes with at least SP2 and the mandatory firewall, those boxes are slightly more secure. A nice side effect is, that the new (unpatched) computers replaced the […]

Crack of dawn

The wafts of mist are about to clear and the cold of the night fades to morning. No, this is no horror film – it’s a start of a new work day. Xmas now is one of the events that passed by and the expected malware flood didn’t really come. But the attacks got more specific as there […]

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