Honey, could you please put the rubbish out?

Malware is a topic, driving many people crazy or making sysadmins cry. Sadly we cannot say that there’s an end insight. But what can we do against it?

‘Nothing’ is the wrong answer. That’s why I have started running honeypots. The salvage then is sent to various anti-malware companies so that it can be analyzed and killed. By and by I got more contacts to send the pest to and did my best in filtering out false positives or broken stuff.

As the last tests have proven that my filters are working below available capacity I am now offering a malware submission service. In other words, if you want me to, I can submit the malware you have collected too – Just drop me a line.


2 thoughts on “Honey, could you please put the rubbish out?”

  • Ich hab in letzter Zeit immer so eine verstopfte Nase, wenn ich mit dem Auto fahren muß… Wie kann ich Dir meine Viren zukommen lassen? Willst Du sie mit oder ohne Polen-Filter???

  • Hallo Grazer, kannst du mir die Viren in ein Archiv packen und dann per eMail zusenden? Was den ‘Polen-Filter’ betrifft, ich verwende eigene Filteranlagen und Mechanismen, welche die Viren sortieren. Danke für deine Hilfe.

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